Event on EU “Global Gateway” (Athens, November 30, 2023) – Presentations

On Thursday, November 30, 2023, the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in partnership with European Commission experts visiting Athens on a technical mission, organised an event focusing on the EU “Global Gateway” strategy for investment in critical infrastructure in third countries. The event attracted a large number of businesses and public sector entities.

Links to the event presentations, can be found below:

  1. Presentation of Global Gateway strategy
    Luc Bagur, Director for International Development Policy and Coordination (DG INTPA)
  2. Intervention on the Team Europe approach
    Christos Marazopoulos, Team Leader for Team Europe and partners (linked to Global Gateway) (DG INTPA)
  3. Engaging with the private sector in Global Gateway
    Laura Atienza, Team Leader for private sector involvement (DG INTPA)
  4. Global Gateway in practice: flagship projects in the neighbourhood in the energy and digital sector
    Alexandre Darras, Policy/Thematic Officer – Sustainable Connectivity, Green Transition (Global Gateway coordinator) (DG NEAR)
  5. Global Gateway in practice: sustainable green shipping strategy
    Giuseppe Izzo, Policy Officer for Transport and Shipping Corridors (DG INTPA)
  6. Global Gateway-Energy and Transport in Africa
    Georgios Grapsas, Policy officer Regional and multicountry programmes for Africa (DG INTPA.A.2)
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