Conference on EU “Global Gateway” strategy for investments in developing countries (Athens, November 30, 2023)

The Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with experts from the European Commission visiting Athens on a technical mission, hosted a Conference on the EU “Global Gateway” strategy on Thursday, November 30, 2023.

The “Global Gateway” strategy covers the period 2021-2027 and focuses on the development of infrastructure at a global level to address global challenges (climate change, meeting energy needs, global health, secure supply chains, environmental degradation etc.)

The “Global Gateway” strategy is expected to mobilize investments of up to €300 billion and centers around five key pillars: (a) digitalisation, (b) climate and energy, (c) transport, (d) health, and (e) education and research.

The funding will be directed to Africa, Western Balkans and EU Neighborhood countries, Asia, and Latin America.

Through the “Global Gateway” Strategy, the EU also promotes a series of flagship projects in the specific geographical areas and sectors covered by the strategy.

Notably, two projects of particular interest to Greece were part of the list of 87 flagship projects for 2023 in the sector of energy (electrical interconnection between Greece and Egypt and between Greece-Cyprus-Israel).

The 2024 list of flagship projects, which were the focal point of the conference, is expected to include a number of projects in countries and sectors of increased interest for the Greek economy. These projects encompass various infrastructure sectors, such as:

  • Water supply (for urban and rural use)
  • Electrical connectivity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Storage facilities
  • Renewable energy sources (solar and wind farms)
  • air pollution mitigation
  • Waste management
  • Digitization (optical fibers, broadband connections, digital banking services, mobile telephony, data centres)
  • historical buildings and monuments restoration
  • Education, including technical and vocational training
  • Transport (road and railway axes, ports and utilization of navigable rivers)
  • sustainable aviation fuels
  • Production of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment

For further information on the “Global Gateway” Strategy, you can visit the European Commission’s official website

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