Privatisation Programme of the Ukrainian Government

According to an update from the Ukrainian Embassy, 17 economic entities were added to the list of large privatisation of state property of the Ukrainian Government, in January 2024. The privatisation process is expected to start in the second quarter of the year and will be announced on the official website of the State Property Fund.

Detailed information on the properties and access to electronic auctions, is available in English on a dedicated website of the State Property Fund.

Listings on the website of the State Property Fund include small-scale privatisation projects of enterprises and property (currently 167 listings), the value of which does not exceed UAH 250 mln (approximately 6.000.000 EUR). Such items are sold exclusively through the Ukrainian government electronic trading system Prozorro.Sale.

Large-scale privatisation projects currently include 18 listings of commercial and manufacturing units, such as agricultural companies, pharmaceutical and chemical plants, mining companies, heavy manufacturing plants, power plants, distilleries, shopping mall and commercial property.

Additional information on submissions of offers for tenders announced by the Ukrainian government is available here.

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