Prozorro Electronic Procurement Platform for Public Tenders in Ukraine

Following our previous announcement concerning the privatisation programme of the Ukrainian government, you will find below additional guidance regarding participation to tenders.

Prozorro is an electronic public procurement platform in Ukraine, facilitating access to government tenders. The platform can be accessed via several providers, some of which open English language interfaces, but most of Prozorro is in Ukrainian.

Guide for Participation to Tenders

Step 1

Choose an authorised electronic platform for sub-thresholds (simplified procurement for small-scale privatisation projects) and supra-thresholds (large-scale privatisation projects). A list of authorised platforms is available here

Step 2

Register on Prozorro through an authorized platform. Registration details can be found here

Step 3

Find a tender on the web portal or on any other electronic site of the system, or by setting up a subscription in a personal account on the site, or through the bi.prozorro analytics module

Step 4

Pay participation fee for specific tender. For the submission of a tender offer, the operator of the electronic platform shall charge the participant a fee depending on the budget of the procurement (see below).

Step 5

Submit a proposal by preparing the tender documentation and uploading it online through a personal account. Useful tips for proposal submission can be found here

Fee Policy for the submission of a tender offer

The operator charges a fee for tender submission depending on the total cost of the purchase.

If auctions are canceled or deemed not to have taken place before tender opening, participation fees are refunded to participants.

 Budget of the lotSubmission fee, including VAT
Up to 20 000 UAH20.40 UAH
20 001 – 50 000 UAH142.80 UAH
50 001 – 200 000 UAH408.00 UAH
200 001 – 1 000 000 UAH612.00 UAH
1 000 001 – 4 000 000 UAH2 040.00 UAH
Above 4 000 000 UAH4 080.00 UAH
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