Ukraine Recovery Conference, Berlin, June 11-12, 2024

The Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024 (URC2024) will take place in Berlin on June 11-12, 2024. The Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024 is a continuation of the annual series of high-level political events dedicated to the swift recovery and long-term reconstruction of Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war of aggression against Ukraine. The previous such event took place in London last year and this is the first Ukraine Recovery Conference hosted in an EU member state.

The conference will reflect the Lugano principles, including a “whole of society” approach to recovery through the meaningful participation of a broad range of stakeholders.

Upholding the spirit of the Ukraine Reform Conferences that took place up until 2022, the URC2024 will also showcase Ukrainian reform progress in the context of its economic resilience and the EU accession process.

URC 2024 Goal

The key goal of the URC2024 is to mobilise continued international support for recovery, reconstruction, reform, and modernization of Ukraine. This includes providing emergency assistance for immediate needs, implementing rapid recovery projects and creating attractive conditions for businesses to unlock the private sector investments in Ukraine, and civil society to actively engage in the reconstruction process.

The URC2024 will focus on the following four thematic dimensions:

  • Business Dimension – Mobilising the Private Sector for Reconstruction and Economic Growth
  • Human Dimension – Social Recovery and Human Capital for the Future of Ukraine
  • Local and Regional Dimension – Recovery of Municipalities and Regions
  • EU Dimension – EU Accession and Related Reforms

Important cross-cutting issues such as macro-economic stability, resilience and security, infrastructure, housing, energy, climate protection, the green recovery, healthcare, education, environment and gender will be integrated into the abovementioned dimensions. Moreover, there will be an intergovernmental element and a Recovery Forum as an integral part of the URC2024.

Recovery Forum

The Recovery Forum will provide an interactive, on-site platform for Ukrainian, German and international stakeholders. It will include a business fair, that will enable local government representatives, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as major and international companies to interact, learn from each other, build new partnerships and seize business opportunities.


Invited heads of state and government, ministers and representatives of states, international organisations and financial institutions, businesses and civil society organisations.

Further information on Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024 will follow shortly on the official website of the event.

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