Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans (EIP) – Projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The EU’s “Global Gateway” Strategy, focusing on investments in developing countries, is actively implemented in the Western Balkans through the “Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans” (EIP). Until the end of 2023, Bosnia and Herzegovina was the beneficiary of the following flagship projects under the “Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans” across the pillars of Sustainable Transport (2 projects), Clean Energy (1 project), and Environment and Climate (1 project):

Sustainable Transport

Flagship project 1: Rhine-Danube Corridor: Demining the Right Bank of the Sava River

Flagship project 2: Sections of European Corridor Vc

A crucial infrastructure initiative, the Vc corridor connects Budapest to the port of Ploce in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea, passing through the northern part of Croatia and key cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Doboj, Zenica, Sarajevo, and Mostar).
The Vc motorway, part of European Corridor 5 (Barcelona – Kyiv), spans 679 km, with approximately 325 km crossing Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Within Bosnia and Herzegovina , Corridor Vc consists of 11 interconnecting motorways, 19 bridges (including 1 cross-border), 7 tunnels, 9 junctions, and 4 viaducts.

  • Corridor Vc: Johovac – Vukosavlje Motorway Section
  • Corridor Vc: Šamac – Rječica Railway Section
  • Corridor Vc: Medakovo – Ozimice Motorway Subsection
  • Corridor Vc: Ozimice – Poprikuše Motorway Subsection
  • Corridor Vc: Mostar North – Mostar South Motorway Subsection
  • Corridor Vc: Mostar South – Kvanj Tunnel Motorway Subsection
  • Corridor Vc: Kvanj Tunnel – Buna Motorway Subsection

Additional details about the project are available here.

Clean Energy

Flagship project 4:

  • Vlašić Wind Power Plant
  • Poklečani Wind Farm
  • Rehabilitation of Čapljina Pump Storage Hydropower Plant

Environment and Climate

Flagship project 7: Sarajevo Water Project

The above flagship projects had been approved for Bosnia and Herzegovina, until December 2023. As for future flagship projects, Bosnia and Herzegovina will submit investment proposals and priority sectors to be considered at a WBIF Meeting.

For further details on the “Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans,” additional information can be found in the guide published by the financial platform “Investment Framework for the Western Balkans,” available here.

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