Greece’s Candidacy for a Seat on the United Nations Security Council as an Elected Member for the 2025-2026 Term

Greece has put forward a candidacy for the position of elected member of the United Nations Security Council, for the period 2025-2026, in elections to be held at the Organization’s General Assembly in June 2024.

The official presentation of the Greek candidacy took place on March 16, 2023, at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York, by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nikos Dendias.

Three words are going to be the compass for Greece’s candidacy for the Security Council. Three words that start with “D”, the Greek Delta: “Dialogue, Diplomacy, Democracy”. Three words with great meaning not only for Greece, but for the entire world. The emblem of Greece’s candidacy is the olive tree and its branch.

Dialogue: in Greek “διάλογος”. The act of exchanging reasonable arguments. According to Socrates, dialogue was the path to truth, the path to knowledge.

Diplomacy: in Greek “διπλωματία”.  At its root, we find the world two, “δύο”. Diplomacy, of course, is based on dialogue. As peoples, as nations, using diplomacy through dialogue, we can overcome our differences. We can arrive at common solutions.

Democracy: in Greek “δημοκρατία”. It literally means power of the people. Born in ancient Athens, democracy is also based on dialogue, the open exchange of arguments in the “αγορά”, there are no silent democracies.

As for the emblem of the candidacy, since Goddess Athena planted the olive tree in Attica soil, it has represented peace and wisdom. It became the symbol of the Olympic Truce during the ancient Olympic Games, when all wars were in pause. A crown of olive leaves was the prize for the winner in the Olympic Games. It was the symbol of fair play. The olive tree is also a point of reference for Mediterranean countries and people throughout the centuries.

Greece, advocating dialogue, diplomacy and democracy will focus on six main priorities, if elected.

(1) Peaceful settlement of disputes,

(2) Respect for International Law and the rules and principles of the United Nations Charter,

(3) Women, Peace and Security,

(4) Climate change and Security,

(5) Maritime security, and, last but not least,

(6) Children in armed conflict.

The information brochure with the basic pillars of the Greek candidacy can be found here.

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