Council Approves Conclusions on the Team Europe Response οn Global Food Insecurity, 20 June 2022

The Foreign Affairs Council approved conclusions on the Team Europe response to global food insecurity. The EU is fully committed to working with its global partners to address the worst consequences on food security, and has taken swift and comprehensive measures.

In its conclusions, the Council expresses its deep concern that vulnerable populations face unprecedented levels of food insecurity and confirm that the EU and its member states stand in solidarity with the most affected partner countries and will strengthen their support as responsive, responsible, and reliable global actor.

The Council calls for four lines of action:
(a) Solidarity through emergency relief and support for affordability.
(b) Boosting sustainable production, resilience and food system transformation.
(c) Facilitating trade by helping Ukraine export agricultural via different routes and supporting global trade.
(d) Strong support to the central role of the UN Global Crisis Response Group to coordinate the global efforts.

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