Development Assistance Committee Tidewater Ministerial Meeting Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 14-15 June 2022


Τhe Director General for Development and Humanitarian Assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Mr. Alexandros Diakopoulos, participated in the 53rd Development Assistance Committee (DAC)/ΟΕCD, Tidewater Ministerial Meeting in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, on 14-15 June 2022. Τhe theme for this meeting was “Development at a Crossroads -Protecting the Important while Responding to the Urgent”. The Ministerial Meeting was co-chaired by Susanna Moorehead, Chair of the DAC and Patricia Danzi, Director General of the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC). Donors, member states of the DAC, met in the context of multiple overlapping crises.

The socioeconomic impacts of the Covid19 pandemic, climate change, conflict and Russia’s war in Ukraine have put progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in reverse and threaten to create humanitarian crises on a scale unseen. The main sessions of the Ministerial Meeting were:
Session 1: Unprecedented Humanitarian Needs
Session 2: Financing for Development
Session 3: The Climate Crisis

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