World Humanitarian Summit (Istanbul, on 23-24 May 2016)

The World Humanitarian Summit that was co-hosted by Türkiye and the UN Secretary General in Istanbul, on 23-24 May 2016, addressed the extraordinary challenges to the current international humanitarian system and sought answers for the future. In this framework, the Agenda for Humanity was created. The Agenda for Humanity is a five-point plan that outlines the changes that are needed to alleviate suffering, reduce risk and lessen vulnerability on a global scale. In the Agenda, humanity—people’s safety, dignity and the right to thrive— is placed at the heart of global decision-making. To achieve this, global leaders and all humanitarian actors are called upon to act on five core responsibilities: (i) Political leadership to prevent and end conflicts; (ii) Uphold the norms that safeguard humanity; (iii) Leave No One Behind; (iv) Change people’s lives: from delivering aid to ending need; and (v) Invest in Humanity. As a follow-up to WHS and in the framework of the promotion of the «Agenda for Humanity», Greece has made a series of commitments.

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