Ukraine’s Future Summit, Brussels, 18 April 2024

The European Council’s mid-December 2023 decision to open EU accession negotiations with Ukraine marks a significant step towards the country’s economic and political integration with the rest of Europe. In February 2024, EU Leaders, European Parliament and EU Council as co-legislators, reached another breakthrough agreeing to provide Ukraine with regular and predictable financial support under the new Ukraine Facility with an amount of up to €50 billion. This shifts the spotlight onto the challenges and opportunities of doing business with Ukraine, attracting inward investment from EU-based companies as well as boosting trade. Building strong and resilient economic links between the EU and Ukraine is as central to Europe’s backing of the Ukrainian government and its people.

The conference will focus on EU efforts to foster investment into Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction. It will take advantage of the launch of the Pillar II of the Ukraine Facility – the new Ukraine Investment Framework. Key sectors of the Ukrainian economy will be discussed by high-level representatives of the EU institutions, governments, International Financial Institutions as well as distinguished company leaders with hands-on experience of doing business.

This conference aims to achieve two primary objectives: firstly, it serves as a platform for effective communication and keeping abreast of the latest developments, ensuring participants are well informed, connected and updated on the development of future instruments, notably under EU’s Ukraine Facility. Secondly, the conference aims to foster invaluable connections and facilitate meaningful engagements between EU-based and Ukrainian business communities. The emphasis here lies on practical networking between government and business representatives.

This conference is an initiative of European Business Summits and Egmont Institute and benefits from the support the European Commission, Belgium’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Mission of Ukraine to the European Union.

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