The Hellenic Red Cross sent 40 tons of Ηumanitarian Αssistance to the Displaced Ukrainians of Moldova

The Hellenic Red Cross sent 40 tons of Ηumanitarian Αssistance to the Displaced Ukrainians of Moldova

On Wednesday, July 6, 2022, the Hellenic Red Cross (H.R.C.) sentits7th humanitarian aid to support refugees from Ukraine, this time to Moldova, where a large number of displaced Ukrainian citizens are temporarily living.

The aid consists of 40 tons of humanitarian material (long-lasting food, bottled water, basic necessities, antiseptics, etc.) that will help the Moldovan state services, in order to cope with the large number of refugees.

The departure was attended by the President of the H.R.C., Dr. Antonios Avgerinos, the Member of Parliament and President of the Greece-Moldova Friendship Parliamentary Group, Konstantinos Maraveyas, the President of the Moldova-Greece Friendship Group, Member of Parliament Ms. Larisa Novac, the Chargé d’ Affaires of the Embassy of Moldova, Mr. Sergiu Vremea, the Director of the Directorate for Development and Humanitarian Actions/Projects of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Gerasimos Davaris, as well as other members of the Embassy of Moldova and staff of the H.R.C Dr. Avgerinos emphasized that the H.R.C. will continue to support every effort to alleviate the human suffering caused by the devastating war in Ukraine.

In addition, Ambassador Davaris underlined the dedication, with which the H.R.C. approaches global challenges and the strength with which it works, in order to be always on the side of the most vulnerable in every corner of the planet. He also mentioned that in an era of unprecedented challenges, some countries, such as Moldova, are called upon to take on a disproportionate burden in dealing with humanitarian crises. Finally, he underlined that Greece,in addition to the aid it has sent from the very beginning and continues to send to Ukraine, will remain on the side of Moldova, as long as required, supporting initiatives like this of the Hellenic Red Cross, with which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a close cooperation.

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