Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine and Countries Hosting Ukrainian Refugees

Greece, responding to requests from Ukraine and neighboring countries, hosting Ukrainian refugees, mainly Moldova and Slovakia, has sent humanitarian aid through the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, as well as the Hellenic Red Cross.

This aid mainly consists of medical and pharmaceutical material, long-lasting food, temporary housing items (tents with accessories) and basic necessities (blankets, pillows, hygiene packages). The total cost of this aid in kind is estimated at 6,811,642 euros.

Greece has also contributed, through Organizations of the UN system, the amount of 200,000 euros to UNICEF’s targeted actions for children inside Ukraine and the amount of 40,000 euros, through UNHCR, to support the Moldovan Government in its efforts to host Ukrainian refugees, following the relevant Berlin Donor Conference (5.4.2022).

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