Private Sector Participation in Global Gateway Projects

For businesses interested in participating in Global Gateway projects, relevant information and support can be obtained from the following sources:

  • Embassies (a list of Greek Embassies can be found here).
  • Trade Missions (a list of Offices for Economic and Commercial Affairs of Greece is available here)
  • Delegations of the European Commission in their countries of interest (a list of EU Delegations is available here)
  • National Development Banks (you can contact the Hellenic Development Bank here)
  • European Business Organisations in third countries, with the mission to promote common economic interests and support European businesses in cooperation with EU Delegations (list of organisations participating in the network is available here)
  • European Trade Promotion Organisations (list of organizations participating in the network is available here)

Additionally, companies interested in Global Gateway projects can participate in business forums with a geographical or sectoral focus, organised by the European Commission, in order to identify business opportunities and develop contacts with potential partners (a list of upcoming business forums is available here)

Finally, companies interested in implementing infrastructure development programs in third countries as part of the Global Gateway strategy will find useful information on the European Commission’s website, in the sections where tenders and funding opportunities are posted, here and here

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