Informal EU DGs meeting (Madrid, 12-13.12.2023)

On 12-13.12.2023, DG Hellenic Aid’s Director-General, Mr. Alexandros Diakopoulos, headed the Greek delegation at the six-monthly informal meeting of EU DGs for development cooperation that took place in Madrid.

The meeting focused on the following three key subjects:

(i) challenges and prospects as regards the implementation of the EU’s “Global Gateway” strategy, from a geographical and sectoral angle, but also concerning practical aspects of the operationalization of the strategy, in which EU Delegations in partner countries are expected to play an important role,  

(ii) implementation of the “Team Europe” approach in Sub-Saharan Africa in the fragile context of the Sahel in particular, with participating member states highlighting the importance of preserving a spirit of solidarity as regards the EU’s engagement with the local populations and

(iii) the EU’s response, from a development cooperation perspective, to the consequences of the war in Ukraine and the ensuing needs as regards the country’s prospective reconstruction, as well as to developments in the Middle East. 

Furthermore, during the working lunch, the most important challenges and possible thematic priorities as regards the upcoming 4th Financing for Development Summit (FfD Summit 2025) were discussed.

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