4th Peer Review of Greece from DAC/OECD- Preparatory Meeting, January 30, 2018

The first preparatory inter-ministerial Meeting in view of the 4th Peer Review of Greece by the Development Assistance Committee (DAC)/OECD took place on the 30th of January 2018, in the presence of the Secretary General for International Economic Relations, Mr. Ioannis Brachos, who made a short presentation about the importance attached to the Peer Review. The meeting was attended by more than 40 representatives of Ministries and other public-sector organizations.

The meeting was organized by YDAS – 3 Directorate for Geographical Policy & Strategic Planning, which is also in responsible for the coordination of the Peer Review.

The last Peer Review of Greece from DAC/OECD, in which there was a constructive cooperation of the whole of the Public administration, was held in 2011.

In spite of the financial crisis, our country continues to contribute substantial amounts of Official Development Assistance (ODA). In 2016, Greek ODA amounted to US $ 369 million, approximately 0.19% of Greek Gross National Income (GNI).

The 4th Peer Review will be from April to November 2018.

The minutes of the meeting are available for the participants (tel. +30 210 368 2232).

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