The Good Humanitarian Donorship (GHD) initiative

The Good Humanitarian Donorship (GHD) initiative, in which Greece participates since 2003, is an informal donor forum and network with, currently, 42 members that facilitates collective advancement of GHD principles and good practices and has filled a crucial gap in the broad landscape of humanitarian coordination.

The main objectives of GHD are to protect and save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity during and in the aftermath of man-made crises and natural disasters, while acting impartially, neutrally and independently. General Principles include, among others, providing adequate humanitarian assistance, promoting human rights, reaffirming the primary responsibility of states for the victims of humanitarian emergencies within their own borders and supporting the central and unique role of the United Nations and the International Red Cross in providing leadership and co-ordination of international humanitarian action while Good Practices refer to Donor Financing, Management and Accountability.

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