OECD Report: Aligning Development Co-operation and Climate Action – The Only Way Forward

Climate change is altering the ecological and social systems that underpin human well-being and economic activity, and developing countries are particularly vulnerable to its impact on the growth and sustainable development prospects of every sector and community. Being part of the solution requires all providers of development co-operation to align their activities with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Such pathways are the only option for countries to achieve economic, social and environmental development that is inclusive and sustainable. Sound climate policy is sound development policy. They are indivisible. However, slow progress towards meeting the objectives of the Paris Agreement puts at risk the ability of both developed and developing countries to fulfil the 2030 Agenda and their pledge to leave no one behind. The climate crisis is thereby impeding the fight against poverty, especially in least developed countries and in a number of particularly exposed communities.

This report outlines a conceptual framework for development co-operation providers to design, implement and continually assess their efforts to align with the Paris Agreement. It proposes that Paris-aligned development co-operation:

1. does not undermine the Paris Agreement but rather contributes to the required transformation,
2. catalyses countries’ transitions to low-emissions, climate-resilient pathways,
3. supports the short – and long-term processes under the Paris Agreement,
4. proactively responds to evidence and opportunities to address needs in developing countries.

Key findings and proposed priority actions

Donor countries and providers should integrate the climate imperative into providers’ mandates and performance systems and establish the right capacities and tools to deliver.
Donor countries should eliminate policy conflicts between their international activities and their commitments under the Paris Agreement.
Providers should support the leadership and capacity of central actors and systems in developing countries to drive the integration of climate change into policy and planning.
Providers should assist countries to incorporate ambitious climate objectives throughout their financial and budgetary systems.
All countries and institutions providing development co-operation should adopt core definitions and mechanisms to ensure Paris alignment at the system level.
Providers should drive effective, scaled-up climate action through common standards in finance, data and infrastructure.
Providers should focus on effective partnering to promote finance for investments in low-emissions, climate-resilient infrastructure at scale.

More information: https://www.oecd.org/dac/environment-development/aligning-development-co-operation-and-climate-action-5099ad91-en.htm

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