High-Level Roundtable on the OECD-DAC Recommendation on Ending SEAH (Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment) in Development Co-operation and Humanitarian Assistance (2 February 2021)

The High-Level Roundtable on the DAC Recommendation on Ending SEAH in Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance on 2 February 2021 produced strong commitments to greater collective action to end sexual exploitation abuse and harassment (SEAH). The event convened more than 200 participants and 25 high level speakers from across the international community.

Leaders redoubled commitments to the OECD DAC Recommendation on Ending SEAH in Development Co-operation and Humanitarian Assistance and called for further action on implementation through collaborative learning through the DAC and action in the range of organisations delivering aid.

The importance of the international coordination (a focus of the fifth pillar of the Recommendation and the Roundtable itself) was emphasised. The OECD welcomed UNICEF and UNHCR as new adherents to the Recommendation, and their strong leadership was recognised. Many DAC Members encouraged other organisations to adhere, and stressed their appreciation for the strong collaboration between institutions.

Other UN agencies, such as UNFPA, the UN Special Coordinator on improving the United Nations response to sexual exploitation and abuse, UN Victims’ Rights Advocate, UN Women and UNDP, also provided statements of support.

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