Fetal Medicine/Prenatal Control Program in Ethiopia 2022-2025 – Collaboration with Fetal Medicine Foundation, Addis Ababa, September 16-17, 2023

On September 16, the opening ceremony for the Fetal Medicine Unit took place at Tikur Anbessa University Hospital in Addis Ababa. This unit was established as part of an international cooperation program involving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, the Fetal Medicine Foundation in the United Kingdom, and the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia.

Following the opening ceremony, a two-day training seminar was conducted by three doctors from the Fetal Medicine Foundation, focusing on the practical application of new methods for prenatal care and fetal medicine. The theoretical part of the seminar was attended by 200 gynecologists/obstetricians, while 48 doctors attended the hands-on practical training session.

The Fetal Medicine Foundation has already provided three specialized ultrasound machines equipped with corresponding specially designed software.

This significant initiative aims to enhance the healthcare support for pregnant women in Ethiopia, ensuring the well-being of both mothers and babies, with the ultimate goal of reducing maternal and fetal mortality rates.

Ambassador of Greece to Ethiopia, Ms. Anna Farrou, attended the opening ceremony of the Fetal Medicine / Prenatal Control Unit at Tikur Anbessa University Hospital, Addis Ababa
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