Meeting on Policy Coherence for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals, March 7, 2017

Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development is crucial to capitalize on synergies among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 169 Targets, between different sectoral policies and between diverse actions at the national, regional and international level, taking into account the impact of these policies (for instance through development aid or trade) on other countries. Policy Coherence is catalytic for the achievement of one SDG through the achievement of other SDGs (e.g. the achievement of SDG 6 “Clean Water and Sanitation” contributes to the achievement of SGD 2 “Zero Hunger” or of SGD 3 “Good Health and Well-being”).

The OECD Guidelines on Policy Coherence have been adapted in the context of the 2030 Agenda (Target 17.14), with a view to contributing to the upgrade of institutional mechanisms, processes and practices of Policy Coherence for the implementation of the SDGs. OECD defines as Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development a new “policy approach and tool” for the integration of economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development to all stages of the process of internal policy formulation and external action.

Development Policy constitutes of one of the paramount policies that should be aligned with other policies of the European Union, such as policies on humanitarian aid, security, trade and regional integration, health, environment, energy, agriculture, climate change, migration, technology and innovation.

Greece is committed to the implementation of Policy of Coherence and according to the recommendations resulting from the Peer Review of Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of OECD, focuses its efforts on stronger Policy Coherence for Development in the fields of migration, climate change and environment.

In this context, YDAS – 3 Directorate for Geographical Policy & Strategic Planning, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Office of Coordination, Institutional, International and European Affairs of the General Secretariat of the Government, co-organize a meeting on Tuesday, March 7 2017, at 10.00 am (Acadimias 1, Floor minus 1, Kranidiotis Amphitheatre) with agenda:
•    “Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development: Synergies and Tools”, the Ministry of Environment and Energy.
•    “Role of Center of Government in ensuring Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development Goals”, the General Secretariat of the Government.
•    “Different Approaches and Good Practices for Policy Coherence enforced by OECD Member States. Sustainable Development and External Actions and Policies of the European Union “, YDAS – 3 Directorate for Geographical Policy & Strategic Planning, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
•    Dialogue with partners

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