Hellenic Red Cross Sent 20 Tons of Humanitarian Aid to Lattakia, Syria

The Hellenic Red Cross, recognizing the enormous humanitarian crisis caused by the devastating earthquake that hit northeastern Syria and being in constant communication and consultation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, sent 20 tons of the requested humanitarian material as support to the families affected by the earthquake in Syria.

In particular, the humanitarian aid of the Hellenic Red Cross packed in a special container, was loaded onto a commercial ship, which departed the Port of Piraeus on Tuesday, February 21, 2023, towards the Port of Lattakia in Syria, where it will be received by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. The 20 tons of humanitarian material, collected by the Hellenic Red Cross with the love and solidarity of the Greek people, will directly support the superhuman efforts made daily by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to strengthen the people of Syria who lost everything from one moment to the next.

The press release by the Hellenic Red Cross is available here.

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